Exotic Temptations

Exotic Temptations


Our beautiful "Exotic Temptations" gift basket offers a wonderful set of Coconut Bath Products, Spa Giftware and an incredibly delicious collection of temptations for their taste buds!

This Exotic Collection of Gifts Includes:

  • Tropical Scented Body Lotion
  • Tropical Scented Gel
  • Mesh Sponge
  • Sea Salt Caramels
  • Zebra Frosted Hazelnut Cookies
  • Chocolate Caramels
  • Sea Salt Caramel Cookie Straws
  • Chocolate Truffle Cookies
  • Sweet Butter Cookies
  • Attractive Metal Planter with Side Handles


This coconut themed spa gift basket will truly be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive it.


Features the scent of coconut and the flavors of fine chocolates paired together to relax and pleasure at thee same time.

This beautiful spa gift basket will show that you put some thought into a gift for her.

The combination of smell and taste will be enough to have her dreaming of a tropical getaway.




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    Order cancellations are always possible and will be handled on an individual basis as well.  It must be understood that all baskets are hand made and therefore must be made at the time your order is received.  If your cancellation request involves a basket we sell on a regular basis and we feel that it will sell in the next few days we may wave the 20% restocking fee.  If your request involves a basket that we feel will not be ordered in the next few days it will have to be taken apart and a 20% restocking fee is deducted from your refund amount.

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