School Bell Rings- Are you ready for school?

By now school is half-way over and the worse has already passed! THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. #schooldays #school #schooldaze #virtuallearning #fall #googleclassroom

Let me ask you a question? Is your little one ready for this new age of schooling? My youngest started Kindergarten this year and I am one of those parents who couldn't wait to dress her in her first day of school clothes, her first backpack and lunch box, her school supplies, and most importantly her reaction to a new environment. But school started a little different this year and I was sad I wouldn't be able to experience that traditional first day of school, full of students trying to find their desks and meeting their teachers for the first time. But my youngest is a trooper and even though all of this she LOVES school.

Let me talk to the teachers for a minute? What is the most daunting task to do before the start of the school year? Is it lesson planning, Is it time-management, is it organization, or is it the overall task of preparing for back to school? Being a TA(teacher assistant) I've seen many of the teachers I've worked with struggle with lesson planning. What Is the perfect lesson? The answer is there is no perfect lesson plan but the overall is to get the student to comprehend and love learning something new. As a TA I am often ask to prepare lesson plans, create activities, and assist the children in their learning adventures. I absolutely love preparing educational activities and curriculum that is fun and that allows the student to learn and retain. Let's face it some teachers just aren't too creative and rely on sources such as teachers pay teachers to streamline their classrooms and to keep it fun and interactive.

Many of my teacher resources #teacherresources aide those busy teachers in the elementary grade levels K-6. My heaviest attention is Prek through Kinder and our babies with Special Needs. #adhd #asd #aspergerssyndrome Being a mother of a child with ADHD i learned forehand on some of the learning challenges students have when their brain thinks differently. I don't like using the terms" Special Needs", their just bright little minds that learn differently.

My school bell Resources is a great solution for those #kindergarten teachers and Pre-K #prek teachers who need a quick but effective lesson to get the day started. The best part about our preschool resource is it's digital! Many teachers are teaching virtually and this particular lesson plan works great if you are using google classroom, Microsoft teams, or even Zoom. #zoom #microsoftteams #googleclassroom

This lesson gets students learning about rules and quaint them with a new environment. The shape of the week for this lesson is circle and semi-circle. Our color of the week is red, yellow, and blue. Our letters of the week are C and O and our numbers of the week are the numbers 1 and 2. The vocabulary for this lesson is share, school, happy, and lunchtime. These words can be used for your student's word wall and can be taught as a unit. See the source for this resource below-They are FREE when you purchase my school bells-Unit 1 Google slide lesson plan.

Back to school is a wonderful time for children. They get to make new friends and even see some of their old ones. You may edit calendar time for the current month and be sure to follow my teachers pay teachers store for more resources and discounts! Teachers I got you!

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts and how I can help you in the classroom. Do you homeschool your children? I have some great resources for you as well.