How Can I Serve You?

Hey, Lovelies! I don't think we've met! I am LaToria Bolden, Creator of A Virtuous Beginning, my vision came about a year ago- I was in a very dark place in my life and I needed an avenue to heal- Writing! I have always loved writing and since learning how to write in Kindergarten, I've written multiple short stories throughout my lifetime. Writing is very healing and I'm in the process of creating an E-Book titled-Journaling- Find Your Healing Place or Journaling- A Healing Power(Comment below and help me

I have embarked on the journey of becoming a serial #entrpreneur and I want each and every one of you on the ride with me. I am in the process of building an excellent foundation for me and my family's future and I am asking for your help. Below is a link to a survey that I am asking all subscribers and NEW readers to fill out for me! This simple 10 question survey will help me better serve you! Just like any business, you have to understand your target market and stay abreast on how to better serve your current and future clients/customers.

Fill Out The Survey here at this link: Survey

I truly appreciate it! Leave a comment in the comment section below and talk soon!

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