Developing Core Values by Paul Tsika

Paul Tskia is an awesome leader and an awesome speaker. My mentors believe in feeding only positivity into your mind. They ask us daily what are you feeding your mind? That is the question today? What are you feeding into your mind daily? Every day either morning or evening-depending on my schedule(being a mommy and a teacher can get very hectic) I listen to positive audios, I read at least 15 minutes a day-self-help or encouraging books(I am currently reading "Daring Greatly" By Brene' Brown) Developing core values for your LIFE is not selfish. One of the audios really stood out to me and I wanted to share it with you guys. Below there are 10 core values that Mr. Tsika suggests we earn to live by.

  1. A wise man knows how unreliable his wisdom is.

  2. Pride can lead to either honor or shame.

  3. A wise man steers his ambition like a bulldozer.

  4. Every moment is a passing gift from God.

  5. A wise man is ready to stand alone yet ask-n-counsel

  6. A wise man is angered by injustice or evil but submits the anger to the rule of law.

  7. A wise man trusts a wounded bear more than his appetites.

  8. A wise man values character above success.

  9. A wise man will guard his mind as if it was his daughter.

  10. A wise man knows how fickle fame is and how vain is notoriety.

  11. A wise man will build knowing that it will turn to dust.

  12. A wise man is ever conscious of the presence of God.

  13. A wise man will pray as a first resort.

  14. A wise man loves only 1 woman as if it was his sole appointment for eternity.

  15. A wise man will father children and them as if they were train Gods.

  16. A wise man will elevate the sufferings of others and never mention his own.

  17. A wise man will utilize his past mistakes as sigh post for the future.

  18. A wise man will love and live each day as if it were his last.

These were some very uplifting statements and some if not all that I valued very much. Which one of these resonated with you? Let me know below in the comments and I'll HOLLA!

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